Ward Energy is your most cost effective choice in leasing, installing  and maintaining combustion for your source of gas & vapor recovery. Using state of the art equipment, we not only satisfy new EPA methane regulations, but offer the leading technology to compress natural gas.  With our Mission combuster and Profire panel, we provided the best combination of delivery while obtaining unparalleled service and support to ensure not only your compliance with regulations, but your ability to capture lost revenue through the sale of these recaptured products.

Already have a vapor recovery system? No problem, Ward Energy will service and maintain your equipment even if not leased through us. As a customer of Ward Energy, you’ll have access to our support personnel 24/7 with no answering machine every day of the year.

Whatever your situation, Ward Energy will work to understand your needs and provide you the very best equipment or service for recovery and delivery of the most efficient, cost effective, cleanest and abundant energy source in oil and gas.




With roots dating back over 50 years in the oil and gas industry, Ward Energy has both the knowledge and experience to be a leader in the compressor industry. But more important than that is the simple motivation that drives us each and every day: placing our customer’s needs and success above all else. Many of Ward Energy’s customers appreciates a local, family run business that exudes high morals and principles. 

As an oil and gas producer, you need a cost effective solution to the EPA’s new methane recovery regulations. Ward Energy has that covered with our best-in-the-business Mission compressor products and Profire Panel system.  We sell and lease an array of other oilfield equipment to meet your specific needs.  What we offer in addition is exceptional service on all your equipment which is essential in the success of production. We are local and established in the basin area and can be on site quickly to solve any problem that might arise. This minimizes your downtime to maximize your efficiency.


Whether combusters or other production equipment, Ward Energy has your equipment needs covered! We provide flexible contracts to meet temporary needs as well as long term needs.  Our units carry a 12-18 month warranty from the manufacture but Ward Energy will work for the customer to ensure any warranty issues are covered.

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